How can you help us?

We grow with the support of the community, sponsors, organizations, institutions, small and large businesses, and other organizations and people of good heart. There are also many ways for you to help :


  • Spread the word on social networks.  Tell your friends and family.

  • Participate in our events.

  • Share your knowledge with those who want to learn.

  • Share your suggestions and comments.

  • Transportation.

  • Physical space for activities.

  • Volunteering.

  • Donating materials that you no longer need and can be used for activities.

  • Donating sound and video equipment, musical instruments, etc.

  • Sponsoring.

  • Buying from our Online Store (Coming Soon)

  • By purchasing products from our sponsors, so they can continue to help us.

  • Become a Member.

  • Creating new projects, programs and workshops with your training and knowledge..

To SUPPORT and Help us 


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